Nihon-sankei Rikuzen Matsushima Attractions The three most scenic spots in Japan


A Place of Scenic Beauty

Matsushima has been long celebrated as a place of romance, spirituality, and elegance. Explore the 260 small pine-covered islands that rise from the pale blue sea. Even the haiku master Matsuo Basho was left at a loss for words. Matsushima’s landscape was seen as a sacred place which approached the beauty of paradise. The beauty and spiritual power of Matsushima attracted great monks, artists, and powerful rulers.

access map

  • By Car

    Sanriku Highway 5 min. from Matsushima-Kaigan IC
    Tohoku Highway 30 min. from Taiwa IC

  • By station

    Matsushimakaigan Station on the JR Senseki Line (40 min. from Sendai)
    25 min. walk from Matsushima Station on the JR Tohoku Line (24 minutes from Sendai)

Oku-Matsushima, Sagakei roundtrip cruise

The white rocks seen on this cruise have been carved by wild waves, and the open sea displays a dynamic beauty.